The Conversation 54x45cm
The Coming of Spring This Year 60x45cm
The Chasm 60x45cm
The Birth & Death of A Surrealist 52x45
Small Sunrise in Donegal 60x44cm
Studying the Mind of a Surrealist 44x45cm
Sweeneys emancipation at sunrise 45x48cm
The arrival of the future in the mind of a living person 44x60cm
The Artists Window 57x45cm
Night turns into day 45x50cm
Night Thoughts 45x54cm
New Wave 2c 39x60cm
New Wave 2b 38x60cm
Memories of Derry 39x60cm
Memories of childhood 34x60cm
Memories of an Indian Summer 42x45cm
Memories of a childhood summer 38x60cm
Love of Summer 58x45cm
Leonardos Epiphany 43x60cm
Kandinskys Epiphany 43x60cm
Kandinsky and Miro have dinner with Beckett 45x59cm
Entrance to Pratalaxaz 57x45cm
Heart and Soul 46x45cm
Heraclitus 59x45cm
Hibernia 79x45cm
Image in the Mind of a European 56x45cm
Interior of the Kosmos 43x60cm
A Mexican Dream Sequence in the Mind of a Celt 41x45cm
A New Idea 60x44cm
An Irish Landscape Seen in India 58x45cm
Cosmic Theatre 2 55x45cm
Discovery of the God particle 44x60cm
El Greco's Dream 58x45cm
A Fantasy 43x60cm
A Dream of Sudden Change 52x45cm

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Studying the Mind of a Surrealist 44x45cm