Patrick Bryson

Born in Derry, N.Ireland

Lives & works in London


I am a Northern Irish Painter and I make original and unique artworks. My work is part painting, part collage – visual experiments, as free as possible. They are explorations and excavations, created by adding and subtracting whatever is at hand until a temporary result emerges from infinite possibilities.

   I have spent my life quietly contemplating the capacity to see, the panorama of mind, travel, world, imagination, light, thought and memory. 

   Vision can only be celebrated, pursued and explored, never contained or defined by reason. In the domain of art there is no cartesian reality, rather an endless stream; a kaleidescope without beginning or end.


Art Education

1978 – 1982 Manchester Polytechnic



Courtaulds Institute, London 1980

People Gallery, London 1982
Mall Galleries, London 1988

Poona, India 1989

Walthamstow 'Possible Futures' Exhibition Gnome House E17, London 2021

Walthamstow, London (Permanent Exhibition)